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Administration Oracle Platform

With an open, complete and integrated portfolio Oracle offers companies the solutions needed to drive innovation within their organizations, simplifying the information technology and reducing complexity. The constant development of technologies and the strategic acquisition of leading companies in the sector have driven Oracle’s leadership in areas such as servers, storage, middleware, databases, applications and cloud computing.

To low the total cost of ownership, reduce complexity in the implementation and IT management and stay on the way to innovation are some of the challenges that companies faces nowadays. Oracle’s strategy is to offer its customers a portfolio with verticalized integration.

The proposal behind the integrated portfolio of Oracle is to deliver the full stack which consists of the best products in its class, offering high performance and system performance. Thanks to the unique integration of Oracle systems, companies simplify the implementation and integration of IT, enabling getting greater productivity, greater agility and market intelligence.

Expertice has a high level of certification,  being  Oracle Gold Partner, with true specialists in the implementation of Oracle technology. We are highly skilled in Database Solutions, Identity Management (IdM), business processes (BPM), service-oriented Customer (SOA), Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic.

Contact us for all Oracle portfolio.

Identity Management Solutions

  • If you are faced with the challenge of implementing Identity Manager solution in order to consolidate the management of all its users.
  • If you are looking to improve the administration of identity management to facilitate access to information for your employees.
  • If you are looking to automate processes in the identity management area to reduce operating costs.

We are able to propose to implement Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On, both products of Oracle Identity Management, to help you to automate the account management processes; meet the intervention criteria and compliance, and find patterns to expand both your business and your employee base.

At the same time, you will improve your overall security needs and end-user satisfaction with the implementation of self-management modules and key reset.

Oracle Identity Management is a set of solutions for identity management (IdM) by which you can manage the entire lifecycle of user identities.

Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On is a passwords consolidation solution, which allows users to use a single password to all company systems that fit their role and profile. It also allows the implementation of a passwords self-management module, eliminating the need to contact a support center in order to unlock them or any other type of tasks using passwords.

Reengineering solutions

Expertice has accumulated years of experience in solving problems for companies or organizations, where we find situations like:

  • Lack of technological upgrading and maintenance, which exposes a weakness in terms of the credibility of the information.
  • Set of applications serving poorly.
  • Palliative mechanisms to compensate deficiencies or eternal migrations, causing duplication of information in different repositories.
  • Very complex administration of multiple obsolete systems, where it cannot guarantee data integrity.
  • Lack of central and unified indicators (dashboard) for information analysis.
  • Reports arranged by hand to save data errors that architecture  brings.

In each case the analysis and experience are crucial to develop a data structure reengineering which identifies critical information from any system or sight, eliminating duplication of data, validating and normalizing referential integrity as indicated by best practices.

Therefore, to consolidate the bases in a single repository is the key to facilitate the growth, management and optimization of information processing.

We are EXPERTS, we know how to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

OPEN SOURCE Technologies Consulting

Expertice,  supported by a team formed by experienced professionals from the information technology in general and Linux certified engineers in particular, provides comprehensive studies of your needs and possible solutions in order to offer a specialized consultancy.

CIOs know the challenge of integrating and maintaining new platforms in an enterprise without risking the availability of services or the integrity of your data. To make it happens,  Expertice´s professionals offer a wide range of consulting contracts, which start from complete migration to Linux software customization, application engineering and training direct customer.

  • Consultancy
  • Migration
  • Subscriptions
  • Training
  • Support
  • Implementations

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