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Software Architecture | Expertice

Software Architecture

We have an excellent team of architects and consultants in order to ensure the success of your projects. We provide assessment reports, training courses, development, implementation, support and consulting in business process automation integrating enterprise components, applications and services.

Consulting – Assessment

We study the relevant aspects of your systems to the adoption of new technologies in architecture, interoperability, portability, security and high availability. We help to define standards and criteria that make the use and best practices of a development platform.

We comprehensively analyze the capabilities and needs of your applications and users. We made a prototype of the software solution that will prove the technical viability of the project and the necessary investment.

Our purpose is to help you to achieve your business goals with an effective use of technology and resources.

We implement BRMS

  • If you feel you are not implemented the policy changes from IT, agilely.
  • If you Note that different systems calculate or produce information in different ways.
  • If you are looking for advanced automation of business processes.
  • If you are looking for a solid audit tool for different stakeholders.
  • If you are looking for scalability and easy management.

 Expertice offers solutions for implementing business rules engine and SOA applications.

Proper implementation of BRMS allows you to reduce the time needed to update applications, SOA deployments and business processes with new rules and policies as market conditions change and the standards environment.

To get the speed and accuracy required by your customers, make you to gain an ideal competitive advantage.

We implement SOA

  • If you need to define services regardless of their location, use or implementation
  • If you want to implement and host services as a supplier
  • If you need to use services such as consumer
  • If you need to assemble services from other services and business rules
  • If you need to provide support for multiple forms of interaction (portals, email, wireless, etc.)

In Expertice we will know how to help you. We are experts in architectural software, know the different middleware platforms market, thanks to the experience in implementing solutions using different technologies and supported by our partnerships with vendors of various products.

We define the proper plan for your needs, depending on the characteristics of each project. Since 1994 Expertice transits the evolution and the continuous training. The experience and know-how gained during all this period allow us to bring you the right proposals which will contribute to get available standard applications in a simple, flexible and scalable.


Day by Day, organizations face the problem of ever-advancing technology and the consequent technical obsolescence of human resources. Also, the lack of strategic training makes hard to occupy leadership positions with human resources of the organization so they must incorporate external resources with consequent uncertainty and strong initial inertia for the organization and not relying on the knowledge of the business rules of the personnel available.

On the other hand the lack of technicians in the industry, produces a continuous turnover, therefore it is very important that companies provide sufficient incentives to retain and train staff.

To solve the above mentioned set of problems, Expertice develops specific training programs to adapt teams to technologies and strategies set by the organization.

The continuous training and experience of our technicians, allow us to transfer the knowledge in the form of courses, workshops or mentoring, providing the possibility to customize courses based on the specific needs of your business.

If you want to take formal courses or need to certify your staff in a particular career, consult us and we will know how to advise you.

Our customers


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